A vertical small wind turbine system such as the Helix Wind Turbine WIND OF CHANGE, is suitable for home use, including direct consumption, feeding into the national grid and accumulation through storage media. It also has commercial, public and mobile applications!

Applications in the home, garden and holiday home.

  • Ranging from supporting power supply to self-sufficiency of homes
  • Supporting power supply for garden houses, allotments and holiday homes
  • Direct driven water pump systems
  • Hydropower: Power-generating water turbines

Mobile Applications.

  • Supporting power supply for caravans and motor homes
  • Supporting power supply for boats and ships
  • Supporting power at camping sites and leisure parks
  • Power supply for ferries and marinas
  • Supporting power supply of charging stations for electric cars

Commercial and Public Applications.

  • Supporting power supply for industrial enterprises, warehouses, garages
  • Supporting power supply for hotels and holiday resorts
  • From supporting power supply to self sufficiency for farms, barns and feeding pens
  • Power supply for highway signs and public lighting systems
  • Power supply of office buildings
  • Autonomous power supply for mobile phone masts
  • Airstream rotors on motorways
  • Energy supply of trucks (refrigerated trucks)
  • Combination in wind-solar hybrid power plants
  • Combined wind-solar street lighting systems

A wide variety of uses!
The Helix Wind Turbine WIND OF CHANGE.

1. Feed into your own home network

The electricity produced is generated locally and consumed locally. Technically speaking, the system is then a part of the public power supply network. Any unused electricity can be fed into the national grid and reimbursed according to EEG.

2. Operation as stand-alone system

Here, the power generated is stored in a battery and fed into the own home network as and when required. The goal is to consume the generated electricity and to store the excess energy, which, depending on the wind and the battery bank size, can achieve complete self-sufficiency.

3. Conversion into heat

An immersion heater is connected directly to the wind turbine, which heats the water for the house. This can be used just for the hot water supply or to support the central heating. The priority is then to use the Helix Wind Turbine WIND OF CHANGE for battery charging. With an appropriate size of wind turbine, direct use is also possible, as the created wind electricity, consumed in connection with power drawn from the national grid, is calculated via two separate meters.